The production of quality wood and sustainable origin has been fundamental to supply important productive markets and for the Brazilian economy.

Besides the economic and social relevance, with the generation of jobs and income, renewable forest based products are significant for the preservation of the environment, representing an important part in solving impacts and climate change.

Consumer market

Among the wood consuming market, there are two that deserve to be highlighted: paper and cellulose, which accounts for the largest volume, including exports, and bioenergy, whose biomass produced from eucalyptus produces less CO² and represents significant savings. Other markets also benefit from the consumption of wood: civil construction, furniture and agriculture. The industrial segment is another major consumer, since it uses wood as fuel for its production processes.

Potencial Florestal operates in the development of planted and renewable forests to supply the consumer market and has a strong presence in the pulp and paper, packaging, chemical, food, sawmills and many others that use wood for power and steam generation.

Know the main advantages of reforestation wood

Consuming reforestation wood is a conscious consumption attitude, adopted by companies that value the best environmental practices. Contrary to what happens with native trees, after the felling of reforestation trees there is the replanting, which obeys rigorous cultivation cycles, considerably avoiding the felling of native forest.

Log Wood: Purchasing from Potencial Florestal is quality assurance

Acquiring the wood of qualified origin will guarantee to the whole beneficiation productive chain, whatever the segment, optimizing costs and production.

It is the mission of Potencial Florestal act through solutions that result in high quality renewable forest based products. It values ​​the care that goes from mapping the land for planting forests to the delivery of raw materials.

Thinking about the most cost-effective way to buy the roundwood involves the logistics process. Therefore, Potencial Florestal seeks the best options considering the proximity of customers, thus enabling the time and costs for transportation and handling.

Only companies based on transparency and strict compliance can be recognized for their good trading practices. For Potencial Florestal this is a daily premise and commitment.