Forestry Business

Forestry business: Evaluation of forest assets for logistic synergy

The forestry business market has several competitive advantages. Its attractions are linked especially to its diversity of applications: from the use of wood, through the environmental value, to the extraction of bioenergy. And in some cases they also aim for logistics synergy, as this is one of the biggest challenges for any company to make their business profitable.

Being one of the pillars in Potencial Florestal timber marketing, evaluating available forest assets and using trading strategies, negotiate these areas between companies, aiming at logistic synergy and achieving success in this forest business market.

Understand how this works at Potencial Florestal:

Imagine Potencial Florestal has partnered with two large forest-based companies, each of which has several forest assets in the region of its industries. Some closer, but some far away.

These distant areas are often not interesting as they carry a very high logistics cost. And, given this situation, the companies make available for sale and leave the search for closer areas.

This is where the Potencial Florestal evaluates available forest assets, aiming at logistic synergy and, using trading strategies, negotiates these areas between companies, achieving success in this forest business market.